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Dassault Aviation reduces its share capital by 9.6% - 2017/01/03

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Saint-Cloud, France, January 3rd, 2017. In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of Dassault Aviation to allocate to cancellation 871,753 shares among those bought from Airbus Group on March 25th 2015 and June 10th 2016, Dassault Aviation cancelled those shares on December 23rd 2016, after the legal delay of two years following the previous capital reduction. This cancellation corresponds to a reduction of 9.6% of its share capital.

After this operation, Dassault Aviation keeps 39,550 treasury shares allocated by the Board of Directors to award free shares and / or to potentially enter into a liquidity contract.

The share ownership’s structure of Dassault Aviation becomes:

Before capital reduction on December 23rd 2016 After capital reduction on December 23rd 2016
Number of shares % Capital % Voting rights Number of shares % Capital % Voting rights
GIMD 5,118,240 56.1% 76.8% 5,118,240 62.0% 76.8%
FREE FLOAT 2,267,811 24.9% 17.0% 2,267,811 27.5% 17.0%
AIRBUS 825,184 9.0% 6.2% 825,184 10.0% 6.2%
DASSAULT AVIATION 911,303 10.0% 0.0% 39,550 0.5% 0.0%
TOTAL   9,122,538 100.0% 100.0% 8,250,785 100.0% 100.0%
About Dassault Aviation:

With more than 8,000 military and civil aircraft delivered to more than 90 countries over the past 60 years, and having logged nearly 28 million flight hours to date, Dassault Aviation can offer recognized know-how and experience in the design, development, sale and support of all types of aircraft, from the Rafale fighter to the Falcon range of high-end business jets, as well as military unmanned air systems. In 2015, Dassault Aviation reported revenues of €4.20 billion. The company has almost 12,000 employees. In 2016, Dassault Aviation celebrated the first centennial of its history, which started in 1916 with Marcel Dassault and the Éclair propeller.
Twitter : @Dassault_OnAir