Interview with Bruno Stoufflet, CTO

Big data and artificial intelligence are booming, at Dassault and elsewhere.

Interview with B. Stoufflet “Dassault Aviation and digital challenges” (Paris Air Show 2019)

 We’re talking with Bruno Stoufflet. You’re the Chief Technology Officer at Dassault Aviation.

We’re participating in this Paris Air Lab, which is an innovation space at the Paris Air Show designed to illustrate the research we’re conducting in the field of digital transformation.

Big data and artificial intelligence are booming, at Dassault and elsewhere. Here, we’re coordinating the unit that’s presenting the achievements made by the entire industry & research ecosystem in the field. Dassault Aviation is presenting the work conducted to prepare the cockpits of our future fighter jet, in which artificial intelligence will assist pilots as they conduct their missions.

Bruno Stoufflet

Could you tell us about these applications and the use of digital technology in production?

Yes, in production we face challenges to keep our factories ever competitive. Digital technology is a way to make operations much more fluid and efficient, in particular Big Data with the advent of the internet of things that gives us the real-time situation of a production system, thus allowing us to optimize the system.

For civil and military production?

It applies indifferently to civil and military production, since our industrial processes are completely dual and apply to both Rafale fighter and Falcon business jets production. This will continue to be the case in the future.

Falcon and Rafale