Be convincing

Preparing for the interview will help you to appear convincing.

First of all, choose the aspects you want to emphasize (they must of course be pertinent to the job or type of post you want to obtain).

Then for each one, look for experiences (professional ones or hobbies) which put them in a good light (you have to be credible!).

Finally, don’t forget the golden rule of debate: for each experience, you must

  1. recall the context
  2. specify the objectives set and the inherent constraints
  3. describe what really happened
  4. focus on the results
50th Paris Airshow
Interview with a Dassault Aviation recruiter.

Comments from recruiters at Dassault Aviation

Some Dassault Aviation recruiters talk about interviews…

What they like:

“those who have thought about a true professional project and who believe what they say”

“those who are themselves and don’t try to seem better at all costs”

“the fact of having done homework about the company and being able to provide clear answers about any point on the CV”

“someone with their head firmly screwed on, who wants to do well, but is able to stay realistic”

“courtesy, openness, modesty and a good appearance”

“a convincing argument explaining the choices of direction made, experience, and the reasons for answering our proposal”

“those who talk about what they like or hate, and above all those who listen ”

What they can’t abide:

“someone who doesn’t even know himself and doesn’t know what he wants in life”

“a lack of enthusiasm and curiosity, apathy.”

“overly laid-back or hiding behind a smoke-screen”

“an over-prepared delivery, lack of spontaneity and above all, arrogance”

“the lack of overall vision, of economic notions about how the company works”

“I have trouble understanding what some candidates could bring us other than doing just what they are told.”