Book. Saint-Exupéry, ses combats


Bernard Bacquié presents a new book dedicated to the famous pilot and author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Bernard Bacquié presents a new book dedicated to the famous pilot and author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. What’s new this time? Unpublished historical pieces retracing the pilot’s epic adventures add a new dimension to a story that is well known to all aviation enthusiasts.

The author takes a look at the many sides to Saint-Exupéry’s varied career: postal flight pilot for Aéropostale, adventurer, and reconnaissance pilot during the Second World War. He also invites us to discover Saint-Exupéry’s passion for aviation, unveiling his endearing and unpredictable personality.

The book is abundantly illustrated and draws on numerous testimonies, from Icaremagazine in particular, which devoted several volumes to the aviator, as well as excerpts from books on this iconic figure.

Documents classified as “Top Secret” shed light on the mystery of Saint-Exupéry’s disappearance

Bernard Bacquié draws on documents that had never previously been published to tell a new part of the pilot’s tale: the rally reports written by his mechanic, André Prévot, for example, allow us to better understand his removal from the airmail company Aéropostale, his vain struggles to become a pilot for Air France, etc.

Allied forces archives, long classified as “Top Secret”, specify the circumstances of his disappearance. The analysis of his reconnaissance group’s war diary reveals the details of his flights during the War, up until the fateful mission of July 31, 1944.

Saint-Exupéry’s words: closer to history

Excerpts from Saint-Exupery’s letters addressed to his family, plus his journalistic writings, give readers an insight into the expeditions and voyages of a man who was determined to follow his dream.

“Saint-Exupéry, ses combats” by Bacquié is much more than a tribute to the pilot. The book presents a chapter of aviation history that had never previously been laid bare. So it’s time to add to your book collection and treat yourself to this wealth of information!

Saint-Exupéry, ses combats

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