First flight of the AVE-D in 2000

On this day, in 2000, the AVE-D made its first flight in Dreux-Senonches airfield.

He plans to send micro-satellites into space, launched directly from a very high altitude from a specially-equipped Rafale, while the latent conflict between both Koreas grows and threatens to plunge the world into nuclear war.
Tom quickly returns to the Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft carrier in Polynesia, to launch a Myriade platform with four spy micro-satellites. However, the North-Korean secret services do all they can to sabotage the operation.

Team Rafale Volume 8, Cartoonist: Michel Lourenco, Scriptwriter: Frédéric Zumbiehl, Zéphyr éditions, 64 plates, EAN: 9782361181888

In the late 1990s, Dassault Aviation embarked on an innovative, autonomous and self-funded demonstration process to develop its design capabilities in the UAV field. This process was based on the company’s know-how in the field of business aviation and combat systems. The aim was to allow the company to consolidate its military offering while opening the door to national and international cooperation.

It was the first stealthy uninhabited aircraft to fly in Europe. Its primary objective was to validate design calculations in terms of stealth and to study the confrontation between modern weapon systems and reduced-signature threats. In particular, it demonstrated the possibility of combining rustic technologies (to reduce costs) with advanced technologies (to achieve an exceptional degree of stealth).

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