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Civil and Military Aircraft

Falcon: “Business is a Battle”

Our Falcons are business jets designed for the most demanding missions. Their agility, superior performance and the integration of innovations developed for military use make them unique.


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Falcon 8X, the flagship

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The Falcon 8X is the crown jewel of the Falcon customer experience. It has the longest cabin in our family and also offers an unparalleled level of comfort thanks to its exceptional soundproofing and the panoramic view from its 32 windows. The 8X has a range of 6,450 nautical miles, which means it is capable of non-stop flights between Beijing and Los Angeles, Hong Kong and London. It can also be operated out of airports where conditions are tight: taking off from a Santa Monica (CA) runway that has been shortened by a third and which is known for its drastic anti-noise standards, a Falcon 8X broke a transcontinental speed record in 2019. In addition, the Falcon 8X is 30% more eco-efficient than aircraft in its class.

The Falcon 8X features the FalconEye head-up Combined Vision System (CVS), certified to fly approaches in visibility as low as 100 feet. FalconEye combines synthetic terrain mapping with actual infrared/night vision images collected by onboard sensors. A configuration with a dual head-up display is currently under development.

Falcon 8X en vol

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Falcon 6X, a class all its own

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The Falcon 6X program was launched in February 2018 for entry into service in 2022. Its development is proceeding on schedule.

With a top speed of Mach 0.90 and a range of 5,500 nautical miles, it will allow non-stop flights from Beijing to San Francisco. This ultra-widebody aircraft will be able to hop from Washington D.C. to New York before continuing on to Geneva without having to refuel. Its cabin, the widest and tallest on the market, is particularly bright thanks to its softly curved design and overhead window. The flight deck of the Falcon 6X features the latest version of the EASy avionics suite, as well as FalconSphere II and FalconEye systems.

Falcon Connections

Our top priorities are safety and the customer experience, especially in terms of providing the best possible work and communications environment. Accordingly, the Australian government fleet has opted for Falcon 7X aircraft that will be equipped with the latest broadband continuous data link connectivity solutions.

With FalconConnect, we are the first to have delivered an all-in-one connectivity solution for both passengers and operators. Management of both voice and data communications can now be handled simply and flexibly. This service is available on all our new aircraft and as a retrofit for existing aircraft.

Thanks to the FalconTalk application, FalconConnect also makes using mobile phones on board easy.

JetWave, our new high-speed satellite communication solution, allows passengers, thanks to the Inmarsat network, to browse the Internet, watch videos or take part in video-conferences, including during transoceanic flights.

As for the crew, FalconSphere II features an integrated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablet solution that significantly reduces the time and complexity of flight preparation. The tablet includes numerous applications such as a Weight & Balance Module, Electronic Cruise Computation as well as FalconPerformance.

Sustainable solutions

Our Falcon range is able to fly using alternative sustainable fuels (SAF). The Falcon 8X, the Falcon 900LX and the Falcon 2000S that we presented at the NBAA show in October 2019 all flew to Las Vegas using a mixture of SAF and conventional fuel. They did the same in May for the European EBACE exhibition.

Safety, connectivity, comfort and agility