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Business Model

Business Model


Human 12,757employees, of which 76% in France
Expertise A design office recognized for its expertiseA century of experience
Industrial 18Specialized facilities,
including 13 in France

A global network of service centers
Corporate 500Partner companies
Environmental ISO 14001A certification policy encompassing all production facilities
Financial €4.4billion Share capital

Dassault Aviation
Shaping the future

2019 Achievements

Human 1,520New hires, including 23% women
Expertise Business aircraft Development of the Falcon 6X and a “Future Falcon” Archange Launch of a strategic intelligence Falcon ATL2 Delivery of the standard 6 upgrade
F4 Development of a new Rafale standard Ravel New-generation Rafale support contract FCAS/NGF Concept study
Industrial 26 Rafales delivered 40 Falcons delivered 1,000 Combat aircraft supported 2,100 Falcons supported
Corporate Regional development 3D printing cluster developed in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region Technical and aeronautical engineering training in India
Environmental 4 % Natural gas consumption compared to 2018 77 % Recovered waste
Financial €814 million adjusted net income 88% of sales in export markets

Financial and other contributions

Federal and local €215 million Corporate income tax, of which €210 million (98%) in France
Employees €187 million In profit- sharing and incentive payments, including corporate social contribution €56,757 Gross average annual compensation, excluding profit- sharing and incentive payments
Shareholders €212 million Dividends* Covid-19 crisis
Cancellation of dividend
proposed by the Board
and approved at the AGM.
Industry At the hub of a strategic French ecosystem Core shareholder in Thales
Society Inclusion, cultural and humanitarian activities Elles bougent, Hanvol, Cours singulier, Technowest, Fondation AAF, Musée de l’air et de l’espace, Canopée, 4A, FOSA, Pupilles de l’air, ADO, ADOSM, Ailes brisées, ASF, Course du cœur, Rêve de gosse, Un avion – un enfant – un rêve, Habitat for Humanity, Arkansas Food Bank, American Red Cross, Muscular Distrophy Association
Sustainable development Contributions to 8 United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG)

* Dividends proposed at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 12, 2020.