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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shared values

Dassault Aviation boasts a distinctive identity, strong values and strict ethical principles, reflected in our charter and codes of conduct, a dedicated organizational structure, our prevention and training policies, internal procedures as well as our international commitments.


Customer satisfaction is both our top priority and our guiding philosophy, based on integrity, trust and loyalty. Dassault Aviation’s ongoing success stems from the quality and commitment of our people. A team spirit, mutual respect, collaboration and professional fulfillment are all integral parts of our DNA. Our pursuit of technological excellence and innovation goes hand in hand with a commitment to quality and environmental protection. Economic performance involves providing shareholders and the financial markets with open and accurate information, complying with the rules of fair competition and treating suppliers equitably. We are outward-looking, with a proactive policy of partnerships, employee training and sustained links with the scientific and academic communities.

Strict ethical principles

Dassault Aviation applies very strict business ethics, in compliance with national laws and international agreements. The Ethics department, an independent body which reports directly to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation, is tasked with implementing measures to fight corruption and influence peddling, and closely monitoring performance in these areas.

Sound structures

The Group has put in place sound ethical structures, based on the following procedures and tools:

– an anti-corruption code as part of internal rules, defining the different types of prohibited behaviors, and an anti-corruption guide that shows how this works, with practical examples and exercises;
– an internal alert procedure, enabling employees, temporary staff and outside partners to report any infraction, or any behavior not in line with the anti-corruption code;
– a chart of risks to identify, analyze and rank corruption exposure risks;
– procedures for assessing how customers, tier-1 suppliers and consultants are performing in relation to this chart; – internal and external accounting control procedures;
– special training sessions for staff with the greatest risk exposure.

To support this initiative, Dassault Aviation has also set up an internal assessment and control structure

International commitments

Dassault Aviation has signed international agreements on fair competition practices (Common Industry Standards, Global Principles) and the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes ten fundamental principles concerning basic human rights, labor and environmental standards, and the fight against corruption.

Duty of care

Faced with the risk of serious harm to the environment, occupational health or safety, human rights and fundamental freedoms, Dassault Aviation has set up a vigilance plan covering its subsidiaries and suppliers. As part of this plan, more than 1,000 suppliers were evaluated in 2019.

Robust and sound business ethics structures