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Digital: driving our performance

Digital drivers are central to our innovative solutions, our transformation and how we organize our work. Our capabilities as system architect draw on all major digital technologies, from 3D design to big data. Starting over 30 years ago, we pioneered a revolution in industry.

Digital DNA

Ever since the revolutionary advent of 3D modeling, we have been investing in digital innovations. This was the crucible that forged Dassault Systèmes, our long-standing partner. Our links with the world leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions provides us with experience and methods needed to adapt these powerful technologies to our industrial activities. The new tools we deploy also develop our ability to look ahead and take a 360° view, from design and production to the user experience.

A sovereign information system

We are investing in a sovereign and high-performance information system. As an architect of aeronautical solutions working in partnership with our industrial partners and our government customers, we are building the collaborative combat systems of the future.

3DExperience platform

In May 2018, we signed a long-term agreement with Dassault Systèmes, paving the way for the 3DExperience platform to replace all PLM solutions for our civil and military aircraft programs. The development of the next Falcon and new combat aircraft is being carried out against this backdrop. This is truly a pivotal choice, made to improve the overall efficiency of our Product Lifecycle Management by eventually setting up a single platform for all programs.

Digital: driving our performance

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Collaborative system engineering

By collaborative system engineering, we mean using a shared digital model to coordinate everybody involved in the development of large airborne systems. Implemented as part of the ATL2 modernization project, this method is being extended to our new programs. The system digital model allows security and data sovereignty considerations to be incorporated very early in the process. Dassault Aviation is also connected to the secure platforms used by the French defense procurement agency DGA and its partners, providing greater scope for joint development work.

Analysis, decision-making and big data

Big data is an essential factor in managing all of our programs. It will improve our products (and our production methods, as well as associated services), while also helping us develop new ones. By leveraging the advantages of shared data, it will support the deployment of management, analysis and decision-making tools.

Our collaborative big data platform is based on the Exalead solution from Dassault Systèmes, while the algorithms specific to aviation are developed by the Data Science Lab, a joint co-engineering research unit with Dassault Systèmes.

Design, manufacture, support: towards a comprehensive digital vision