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Proud of our model

Operating in an unpredictable environment in which taking a very long-term view is key, Dassault Aviation can count on its solid fundamentals. Our strength lies in a unique development model and very loyal customers. Our long-term viability is the result of our ability to imagine the future and to adapt to a constant stream of new challenges.

Governance and family values

Today, Dassault Aviation is the only aerospace group in the world that is still owned by the family of its founder, Marcel Dassault. This unwavering backing from our main shareholder ensures the stability of our management team: Éric Trappier is only the fifth Chairman and CEO in a century. This ability to take a long-term view is a major asset in aviation, an industry with very long cycles: an aircraft may well stay in production for as long as 25 years and remain in service for more than 40 years.

Our stability allows us to uphold the values that have driven Dassault Aviation’s success:
– technical excellence and innovation, combined with a passion for aeronautics;
– quick strategic decisions;
– flexibility to adapt to changes;
– the determination to meet objectives;
– efficient management and competitiveness;
– a human resources policy designed to attract top talent and ensure their loyalty.

Profit-sharing policy

We take a unique approach to sharing profits based on fair distribution, in particular a profit – sharing agreement that goes well beyond legal requirements. Hence, thanks to profit sharing and incentive plans relating to the 2019 fiscal year, employees will benefit to the tune of 187 million euros (including the specific correlated social tax). Meanwhile, proposed dividends submitted for approval to our shareholders at the Annual General Meeting in May 2020 amount to 212 million euros. And, since Dassault Aviation pays the bulk of its taxes in France (98% in 2019), this means it will be making a contribution of 250 million euros to the public purse.

Covid-19 crisis
Cancellation of dividend
proposed by the Board
and approved at the AGM.

Dual expertise: civil and military

Our dual civil-military expertise means that we can count on two different markets, reducing our exposure to fluctuating economic conditions. We design and produce both military and business aircraft in the same design departments and factories. The state-of-the-art technologies developed for defense also benefit our civil aviation business. For example, innovative solutions such as fly-by-wire controls, advanced aerodynamics, composites and data fusion, have been applied to the Falcon family of business jets. In return, our civil aircraft business has inspired new production processes and new certification and flight safety capabilities.

A pivotal player

As an industrial architect and systems integrator, Dassault Aviation brings together major suppliers in the aviation industry. We take a pragmatic approach to coordinating partnerships and alliances, whether in Europe or in a broader international framework, through developments in the United States and India, for instance. This approach favors long-term relationships, based on complementary skills, quality and performance.

Dassault Aviation naturally plays a pivotal role in future combat systems, by teaming up on various programs in conjunction with European partners: the New Generation Fighter via FCAS, Eurodrone, nEUROn and Space Rider.

Civil and military aircraft designed in the same office and built in the same plants