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Covid-19 Update

Health safety: our top priority

Staff safety is our priority. Management, in consultation with labor unions, moved swiftly to ensure safe working conditions. From April 3, teams were able to return to the site under specially designed health procedures

Sécurité sanitaire d’abord

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Personalized attention

Before returning to the site, each employee completed a questionnaire, which was sent to the medical department. Upon their return, an advisor met with them, explained the procedures to be followed and provided them with a health kit.

Traitement individualisé

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Appropriate procedures

The Company’s health procedures were implemented in each facility with the active involvement of site managers, HSE networks and occupational physicians.

Mesures adaptées

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Continuity of in-service aircraft support

We assessed the supply chain situation and ensured sufficient stock levels for the execution of missions. In addition, our Falcon customers continued to benefit from uninterrupted support from our Command Center staff.

Continuité du soutien des avions en service

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Resumption of flight operations

On April 8, 2020, flights resumed at Istres and Mérignac. During the lockdown, we delivered an ATL2 to the French Navy as well as Rafales to India; in addition, we carried out batched deliveries of Falcons to Little Rock and carried out Rafale training flights for our Indian customer.

Vol d'entraînement sur Rafale

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Visit by the French Armed Forces Minister

On May 15 in Saint-Cloud, we briefed Florence Parly on the measures taken to ensure the continuity of our vital work for our customers. The minister praised the work that had been done: “I am pleased to see that you have found a way to thoroughly overhaul your working conditions through the development of these new approaches and methods. This is a crucially important step. You have addressed our concerns.” Our joint efforts have helped maintain the operational capability of the French Air Force both at home and in operational theaters. We have demonstrated our resilience in the face of this crisis.

Visite de Florence Parly,  Ministre des Armées

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Falcon 6X: our top priority

Keeping the Falcon 6X program running smoothly has been a top priority. Work resumed on April 3. The first three development aircraft were delivered to Mérignac in spite of the circumstances, enabling the development and general assembly work to continue.

Falcon 6X : objectif prioritaire

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Robust military programs

All our military programs were able to proceed in full compliance with health regulations: development of the F4 and Indian Rafales, the beginning of cooperation on the New Generation Fighter (NGF), work on special Falcon aircraft, etc.

Reprise de l'activité en appliquant les consignes de sécurité relatives au Covid-19

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Our Resilience Falcons

A Falcon 8X and a Falcon 900 were put at the disposal of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces in support of Operation Resilience. On April 5, their first assignment was to bring 26 doctors and nurses from Brest to Paris.

Nos Falcon pour Résilience

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Together with Aviation Without Borders

We took part in the Aviation Without Borders (ASF) scheme to help the medical community. As part of its first mission under this scheme, a Falcon 7X completed two flight rotations to transport health care personnel from Marseille to Mulhouse, enabling them to be on the job in less than an hour.

Avec Aviation Sans Frontières

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Supporting medical personnel

Dassault Aviation provided direct support for the work of the health care personnel through donations of masks and meals. Our 3D printing community manufactured visors. The Argonay teams also produced connector hoses for oxygenation systems, enabling three hospitals in Seine-Saint-Denis to be equipped in less than a week.

Notre communauté d’impression 3D a fabriqué des visières.

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