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© Dassault Aviation – K. Tokunaga

Our goal, of reaching “Higher, Together”, is becoming a reality.

Each and every one of our airplanes reflects our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies, applied for the greater benefit of our customers. These technologies underpin their independence, their management of time and space, their decisions and actions, anywhere in the world.

Our long-term viability is built on technical and industrial decisions that take a pragmatic, yet audacious approach, in line with today’s ethical, social and environmental imperatives.

As a pivotal part of a strategic, high-value-added industry, Dassault Aviation helps foster the development of a dense fabric of outstanding companies, laboratories and schools. We deploy expertise unrivaled in Europe, built on the skills and experience of our people, and shared with a number of partners, both in France and around the world.


More than 2,000 Falcon jets in service

More than 1,000 combat aircraft in service

11,745 employees, including 9,189 in France