Our role as an industrial architect of complex airborne systems means we can offer a wide range of professions: simulation, modelling, information systems architecture, technical data management, production, logistics, maintenance, business engineering, purchasing. Some of these professions encompass all levels of training from operators to executives and from engineers to technicians.

Depending on the line of business, initial access is extensive and there are possibilities of career developments through internal promotion.

Thus, almost half of the company’s executives have achieved that status as their career has progressed and particularly through continuous professional training.

For all questions regarding studies, aviation-related jobs and required diplomas, we advise you to visit the following websites :

The VIE that the company offers only relate to a few very specific jobs that you will find in all the offers. Therefore, it is no use submitting an unsolicited application if your background does not match any current offer.

The company offers VIE schemes for its subsidiary Dassault Falcon Jet in Little-Rock (Arkansas – USA). Generic offers are therefore put on-line among the job offers or on the Web site of UBIFRANCE, the state organisation in charge of developing the international activity of companies. If you wish to reply to a specific VIE offer, submit an application form together with a CV and a covering letter in both French and English.

Dassault Aviation is committed to contributing to the development of work-study programs, promoting employment and integrating future graduates into the workforce. We welcome students from many different levels of qualification, from vocational high school diplomas to Master’s degree students, and focus on apprenticeships and professional development contracts.

Our company does not reserve specific jobs for people with a handicap. The latter can apply in the same way as able-bodied candidates for any job provided it does not involve activities incompatible with their disablement.
However, under a company agreement “Cap Avenir”, provision is made to facilitate the integration of handicapped people and the full use of their skills in the working environment. Through this agreement, a budget is redefined each year to adjust the means and tools accordingly.

Vacancies at Dassault Aviation are open to everyone regardless of nationality. The choice is made on the basis of the skills required and the applicant’s motivation.
The company’s line of business may require an authorization by our regulatory authority (the DGA – Direction Générale pour l’Armement – the French defence procurement agency). This authorization can be obtained by any national of a European Union member state or any state having a National Security agreement with France.
As Dassault Aviation is a French company where teamwork is strongly encouraged, good knowledge of the French language is recommended.
All applicants meeting these criteria can apply for a job at Dassault Aviation.

Dassault Aviation does not directly offer jobs abroad.
However, you can consult the web site www.falconjet.com of our American subsidiary DASSAULT FALCON JET where you will find some information or who you should contact to obtain it.

We suggest that you create your candidate profile in our Careers section https://carriere.dassault-aviation.com/accueil.aspx?LCID=1036 and apply for the job offers already online that correspond to your career plans.

If there are no immediate opportunities, we advise you to apply online through a speculative application and create a job alert for future openings that correspond to your search criteria in order to apply for opportunities to come.

In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with our news.

Our R&D department heads regularly suggest thesis topics to our partner research labs. After approving your application, the latter may then submit it to Dassault Aviation.
We therefore advise you contact the research labs of your University directly to find out if they have this sort of partnership.

Dassault Aviation does not directly offer placements abroad.
However, you can consult the web site www.falconjet.com of our American subsidiary DASSAULT FALCON JET where you will find some information or who you should contact to obtain it.

At the end of their contract, we encourage students within our company to diversify their internships and/or work-study courses to enrich their career paths and clarify their career plans. Based on these new experiences, we also commit to helping our alumni embark on their careers after they have obtained their qualifications.

In order to apply for our latest internships or apprenticeships, and to keep in touch, we advise you to follow our HR news and create an alert based on your search criteria through your candidate account on our Careers site.

See you soon at https://carriere.dassault-aviation.com/accueil.aspx?LCID=1036

In order to use our downloaded files, you need beforehand to apply. The authorization to use these files will be delivered individually. Send ud your request by e-mail and tell us precisely the framework in which these files will be used. We will study your request and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Send us the url of your aeronautical website. We will have a look at it and then decide whether it is relevant to have it listed on our address book.

Our on-line store proposes models of the Rafale, Mirage 2000 and a number of aircraft from the Falcon family. You can also find a selection of products ( textile, accessories, electronics…) with the Rafale, Mirage, Falcon and Dassault Aviation brands.


The Annual Report is available for download in PDF format in the Finance section, under “All Annual Reports“.
And discover our interactive annual report: fully e-accessible, it boasts a number of exclusive photo galleries and high-resolution videos.