We invite you to create your candidate profile in our Careers section carriere.dassault-aviation.com and apply for the positions already offered online that correspond to your career plans.

If there are no immediate opportunities, we advise you to apply online through a speculative application and create a job alert for future openings that correspond to your search criteria in order to apply for opportunities to come.

In the meantime, make sure you keep up to date with our news.

For all questions regarding studies, aviation-related jobs and required diplomas, we advise you to visit the following websites :

Through our role as industrial architect of complex airborne systems, we offer a wide range of diversified professions accessible to various training levels.

We offer VIE (international volunteer) positions abroad, which can be found on our Careers website.

You can also consult the offers on the website of dassaultfalcon.com. We recommend that you complete your application by attaching your CV and covering letter in French and English.

We also offer career opportunities within Dassault Aviation, with expatriate assignments.

The Cap Avenir company agreement, along with other measures, facilitates the integration of people with disabilities and the full use of their skills in the working environment.

The recruitment process for our future talent is based on the skills required and the motivation of our candidates.

Every person considering joining our company is investigated by the administrative authorities (our regulatory authority) to ensure that he or she is eligible for accreditation. This can be obtained by a national of a member state of the European Union.

We recommend that our teams have a good knowledge of French.

We encourage students at the end of their internship or apprenticeship within our company to diversify their experience with other companies in order to enrich their career paths and clarify their career plans. Building on these new experiences, we look forward to offering opportunities to our alumni, after graduation.

Nevertheless, as we are aware that an initial short work experience placement (less than 8 weeks) at Dassault Aviation can help you to refine your career plans and confirm your motivation for the aeronautics industry, we authorize you to combine a short first-year engineering internship with the 6-month end-of-study internship. In the same way, we accept apprentices who have already completed an internship at Dassault Aviation.

We participate in the development of work-study training and welcome students with qualifications ranging from bac pro (vocational diploma) to bac+6 (doctoral degree). We focus on apprenticeship contracts rather than professional training contracts.

Under the CIFRE (industrial agreements for training through research) scheme, we welcome PhD students during their thesis and encourage them to pursue their professional career within the company. Applications, including CV and letter outlining your research project, should be sent by e-mail to emploi@dassault-aviation.com

In order to use our downloaded files, you need beforehand to apply. The authorization to use these files will be delivered individually. Send ud your request by e-mail and tell us precisely the framework in which these files will be used. We will study your request and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Send us the url of your aeronautical website. We will have a look at it and then decide whether it is relevant to have it listed on our address book.

Our on-line store proposes models of the Rafale, Mirage 2000 and a number of aircraft from the Falcon family. You can also find a selection of products ( textile, accessories, electronics…) with the Rafale, Mirage, Falcon and Dassault Aviation brands.


The Annual Report is available for download in PDF format in the Finance section, under “All Annual Reports“.
And discover our interactive annual report: fully e-accessible, it boasts a number of exclusive photo galleries and high-resolution videos.