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Company Profile

Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company that shapes the future by designing and building military aircraft, business jets and space systems.


Interview with Éric Trappier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation


Operating in an unpredictable environment in which taking a very long‑term view is key, our fundamentals are solid. Our strength lies in a unique development model and very loyal customers. We owe our longevity to our ability to envision the future and adapt to new challenges.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dassault Aviation, a major player in Aerospace, continues its commitment to protecting its employees and the preservation of the environment, from the perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ethics and Compliance

Our vigilance and our day-to-day commitment in this area will protect over time the good reputation and legal security of our company.

Civil and military aircraft

Our military aircraft help defend a number of different countries around the world, while our business aircraft enhance corporate efficiency. These are crucial long-term challenges.

Worldwide presence

Dassault Aviation operates in more than 90 countries, with more than 3,000 aircraft in service worldwide.