“Aboard the Rafale” Virtual reality

Do you want to learn about the principles of airplane flight? With its new “Aboard the Rafale” application, Dassault Aviation is offering you a chance to better understand how a plane flies.

“Immersive Dassault Aviation” Virtual Reality

The “Immersive Dassault Aviation” VR application places the player at the controls of the Rafale, flying over the majestic peaks of the Mont-Blanc range.

“DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality

The DassaultAir3D augmented reality app allows you to view a selection of Dassault Aviation planes in 3D and also lets you sit in the pilot’s seat of a Rafale.

“Dassault Air Flight” Mobile application

Discover Dassault Air Flight, the mobile game that makes you fly!

“MyPlaneDesign” Configurator

Are you a fan of aviation? Customize your own aircraft with our 3D paint scheme configurator or with our drawings to color…