Further, together

Our human resources and sustainable development policies are anchored in our corporate culture and a focus on people’s future.

Facilitating individual
 and team performance

To hone our competitiveness, the Dassault Aviation Group applies a human resources policy that emphasizes skills and career development.

Nurturing tomorrow’s skills

We take an active role in the analyses carried out by secondary and higher education professionals to adapt curriculums to evolving industry needs. Our collaboration with the world of education calls on networks of “ambassadors” – employees from local managers to executives – assigned to work with schools and universities that provide training in our business sectors. Over 200 of our employees taught in these schools in 2016, sharing their professional skills and expertise with students.

Our facilities also team up with local vocational high schools and technical colleges. Through these programs, we welcomed nearly 500 young people, both interns and students in work-study programs, helping them better determine their career plans and enter the world of industry. Furthermore, through this program we can detect high potentials for later recruitment.

Hiring and training top talent

Recruitment, whether from outside or within the Group, has to take into account the projected skills requirements for both technical and management positions at Dassault Aviation. We also have to be capable of identifying top talent as early as possible. Our recruitment policy must meet two objectives: maintain our ability to innovate and ensure customer satisfaction. We are committed to hiring employees from many different horizons, people who are open-minded, innovative and able to thrive within a team. Furthermore, we take care to transmit our culture to new hires, and ensure that all employees embrace this culture.

Keeping pace with an evolving company

Companies in the Group deploy a number of support measures to help all employees maintain and develop their skills, including professional training, exercises and mobility.

As part of the transformation plan, Leading our Future, Dassault Aviation is revamping our in-house Conservatory to bolster technical training in each business line and job type (design, production, support). The Conservatory teaches new hires the specific qualities needed in our businesses, in terms of knowledge, skills and personal attributes, to help them quickly learn best practices and reduce the time needed for integration in a new environment.

Motivating compensation

In 2016, the average annual compensation for Dassault Aviation employees was 64,500 euros, including profit-sharing and incentive payments. The minimum annual compensation was 29,700 euros.

People, the core
 of our company

Our performance depends on mutual respect, diversity, good working conditions and the professional fulfillment of the women and men in our company.

Constructive dialog

The Dassault Aviation Group applies a proactive policy of social engagement. Regular negotiations with labor representatives give rise to a dialog based on a commitment to collective agreements. In 2016, all French companies in the Group signed an agreement in favor of gender equality, concerning professional development and compensation.

Our long-standing culture of social engagement is the basis for the joint definition and deployment of the measures needed to keep pace with changes at Dassault Aviation companies.

Paying attention to individuals

The Dassault Aviation Group constantly affirms its commitment to fighting discrimination, since we are firmly convinced that this is a performance driver for our enterprise. We support equal opportunity through companywide agreements and action plans in the following areas:

  • gender equality;
  • hiring disabled persons, and keeping them employed;
  • hiring young people and seniors, and keeping them employed.

At Group company Sogitec, for instance, this commitment resulted in the signature of the first agreements on gender equality in 2016, along with accords on the employment of disabled persons.

At the end of the year, Dassault Aviation signed a new agreement to support the employment of young people and seniors, concerning employment management, career development and the “generations contract”. This contract is designed to foster technical excellence and develop a dynamic approach to jobs and skills planning, so we can better manage and anticipate changes in these areas and ensure that skills are sustained and transmitted. It allows all employees to develop their expertise in their profession, and to adapt their skills to changing technological and economic conditions.

Fostering wellbeing at work

The health of our employees has always been a top priority at the Dassault Aviation Group, along with improving working conditions and reducing occupational risks. Our companies are continuing their efforts in this direction, especially by integrating ergonomic factors from the initial design to the production of our machinery and equipment, as well as providing training courses.

We have set up a network of instructors specialized in risks related to physical activity at all of our facilities, as part of a general action to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. The aim of these training courses is to help employees detect situations that could endanger their health, and provide concrete solutions to improve each person’s working conditions.

We also organize visits to facilities in charge of final assembly and initial aircraft testing to spotlight everybody’s contribution to the overall production process, and to recognize individual contributions.

All Group companies are also implementing measures to ensure that all employees enjoy an optimum work-life balance.