Our professions

Our role as an industrial architect of complex airborne systems means we can offer a wide range of professions: simulation, modelling, information systems architecture, technical data management, production, logistics, maintenance, business engineering, purchasing, quality, sales, commercial, etc.

Research, Design, Development

The managers and technicians in the Design offices and test centers develop design technologies and baselines of use for current and future programs, prepare and justify product definitions (aircraft and systems) and their future upgrades, and contribute to steering product strategy.

Flight tests

Flight tests (Flight Tests Division and Test Bases Division) are in charge of overall in-flight and ground testing, development and qualification / certification of civil and military aircraft, their on-board systems and their support systems.


The production teams define, organise and perform the operations that manufacturing aircraft involves, i.e. the tools, the primary parts, the sub-assemblies and their final assembly, as well as the fitting.


As we constantly endeavor to improve and innovate, the total quality system in place at Dassault Aviation optimises the company’s operating processes (sell, design, produce, procure, support, etc.) while meeting customer requirements and respecting the environment.

Logistics, Purchases and Supplies

From managing stocks of raw materials for the production units, to managing spares for our customers’ aircraft, the procurement, buying and logistics specialists provide logistical support for all processes.

Marketing, Sales, Support

Our number one priority is always the customer. The commercial professions handle relations with the customer and more broadly with the market as a whole.

Program coordination

At Dassault Aviation, the programs/professions organizational matrix is based on 2-level program management.

Information system

Information technology is at the heart of Dassault Aviation’s operations.

Management, Administration, Finance

Economic analyses, financing of our structures and projects, and cost control are all the preconditions for the long-term viability of the company.

Communications, Human resources

Both internally and externally, the role of the communication teams is to communicate and coordinate communications concerning the company’s people, image and products.