“Immersive Dassault Aviation” Virtual Reality

Dassault Aviation presents its aircraft in virtual reality on Oculus: "Immersive Dassault Aviation".

The “Immersive Dassault Aviation” application goal is to present the company’s aircraft and to share its passion for aeronautics.

The “Immersive Dassault Aviation” application was conceived and designed by the Digital Communication team at Dassault Aviation and by Softeam Agency and places the player at the controls of the Rafale, flying over the majestic peaks of the Mont-Blanc range. The 360° 3D immersion in the midst of the aircraft is a quite stunning experience…

3 play modes are proposed:


Patrol flight

Players must maintain their position with the Rafale, in relation to the nEUROn and the Falcon 8X, anticipating any changes in heading and formation.

Target course

The aim of this mode is to fly the Rafale through the center of virtual targets, following the best possible flight path.


This mode is a means of discovering the characteristics of the Rafale, Falcon 8X and nEUROn, while admiring their formation flight over Mont-Blanc, using the 360° display capability of the Oculus headset.