The very-long-range Falcon 8X, the new flagship of the Falcon range, can connect Paris to Hong Kong and Los Angeles to Beijing with no stopovers.

The Falcon 8X is the crown jewel of Falcon customer experience. It has the longest cabin in our family and also offers the best soundproofing for unrivaled comfort, plus an exceptionally wide choice of 30 different layouts.

The 8X has a range of 6,450 nautical miles, which means it is capable of non- stop flights between Beijing and New York, Singapore and London, or São Paulo and Moscow. It can also be operated out of airports that are inaccessible to most competitors, such as London City, from which it can take off for a non-stop flight to New York. And it’s 30% more eco-efficient than other aircraft in its class.

The Falcon 8X also features the FalconEye combined vision system, enabling it to fly approaches under reduced visibility conditions with exceptional safety and reliability because of the combined display with a map based on amplified infrared images collected by the airplane itself. FalconEye was certified in 2018 for approaches under low visibility up to 100 feet. A configuration with a dual head-up display will be available in 2020.

Falcon 8X in-flight
Falcon 8X


External dimensions

Height (with optional fin tip radome) 26 ft 1 in / 7.94 m
Length Overall 80 ft 3 in / 24.46 m
Wing Span 86 ft 3 in / 26.29 m


Max. Takeoff Weight 73,000 lb / 33,113 kg
Max. Landing Weight 62,400 lb / 28,304 kg
Max Zero-Fuel Weight 41,000 lb / 18,598 kg
Max. Fuel Weight 34,900 lb / 15,830 kg

Engines & avionics

Type 3 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307D – 6,722 lb / 29.9 kN (Max Thrust, ISA + 17°C, SL)
Cockpit 3rd Generation of EASy Flight Deck (with Honeywell Primus Epic System)

Cabin dimensions

Cabin Length (excluding cockpit & baggage) 42 ft 8 in / 13 m
Cabin Height 74 in / 1.88 m
Cabin Width 92 in / 2.34 m
Cabin Volume (excluding cockpit & baggage) 1,695 ft3 / 48 m3
Baggage Volume 140 ft3 / 4 m3


Range @ .80 Mach cruise (8 pax, 3 crew, NBAA IFR reserves) 6,450 nm / 11,945 km
MMO (Maximum Operating Mach Number) Mach .90
Takeoff Distance (SL – ISA, Max Takeoff Weight) 6,000 ft / 1,829 m
Landing Distance (FAR 91, 8 pax / 3 Crew, SL, NBAA IFR Reserves) 2,150 ft / 656 m
Approach Speed, Vref (8 pax / 3 Crew, NBAA IFR Reserves) 106 kias / 197 kph
Max. Certified Altitude 51,000 ft / 15,545 m