Multimedia library

Comic Book. “Angel Wings – Intégrale, volume 1 – cycle Burma Banshees”

In this exceptional boxed set, discover the first three adventures of Angela McCloud in the skies over Southeast Asia, during the tensest hours of World War II. Comic Book. “Angel Wings – Intégrale, volume 1 – cycle Burma Banshees”. Authors: Yann (story) et Romain Hugault (illustrations and colors) Editions Paquet, “Cockpit” collection. EAN: 9782889321377.

Comic book. “La Fille de l’air – tome 2. No Woman’s Land”

In this second volume, we continue the adventures of Marie Marillac on the front lines of World War I. On the ground of course, but also in the sky… Comic book. “La Fille de l’air – tome 2. No Woman’s Land”. Author: Pascal Davoz. Illustrator: Yves Plateau. Colors: Max Bayo. Éditions, Idées Plus. ISBN: 9782374700342.

Comic book. “The Adventures of Buck Danny, Classic Volume 9 – The Flight of the Rapier”

In this “classic” of the series, Buck Danny and his sidekicks set out to search for the passengers of a plane that’s gone missing over the ocean. Set in the British Isles, it’s based on a true story… Comic book. “Les Aventures de Buck Danny, Classic Tome 9 – Le Vol du Rapier.” Authors: André Le Bras, Frédéric Marniquet and Frédéric Zumbiehl. Éditions Zéphyr (Dupuis). EAN: 9782361183288.

Comic book. “Team Rafale, volume 14 – The War of Winter”

We’re headed to the Far North for Tom Nolane! After an expedition high above the Red Sea in the previous volume, the pilot is headed to Iceland for more epic adventures! Comic book. “Team Rafale, tome 14 – La Guerre de l’hiver.” Texts and illustrations: Frédéric Zumbiehl, Olivier Jolivet, Alberto Lingua, Nicolas Caniaux. Editions Dupuis, collection Zephyr. ISBN: 9782361183103

Comic Book. “Missions Kimono. Volume 23. The Hostages of Daraa”

In this 23rd volume, “Missions Kimono” explores the issue of terrorism. As ever, with spectacular scenes throughout. Comic Book. “Missions Kimono. Volume 23. The Hostages of Daraa”. Authors: Jean-Yves Brouard, Andrea Rossetto and Francis Nicole. Éditions JYB. ISBN: 9791090083257

Comic Book. “The Knights of the Sky Volume 10 – Tanguy and Laverdure – A Tenebrous Frontier”

Immediate boarding for the new adventures of Tanguy and Laverdure! More and more epic adventures. Judge for yourself! Comic Book. “Les Chevaliers du ciel T. 10 – Tanguy et Laverdure – une frontière obscure.” Authors: Patrice Buendia, Frédéric Zumbiehl. Illustrations: Sébastien Philippe. Editions Dargaud. EAN: 9782205089134

Comic book. Buck Danny Volume 59 – “The Skyborg Program”

Buck Danny is back! This time, the aviator and his sidekicks set out for California and find themselves up against artificial intelligence. Can the machine outfly the pilot? Comic book. Buck Danny Volume 59 – “The Skyborg Program.” Authors: Formosa and Zumbiehl. Éditions Dupuis. ISBN: 9791034757022

Comic book. Saint-Exupéry, The Complete Collection 1900-1944

Three comic books in one! “Saint-Exupéry, The Complete Collection 1900-1944” should be a real hit among young and old alike. The collection retraces the entire life of the renowned aviator, in particular through his time with the Aéropostale service. Comic book. “Saint-Exupéry, L’intégrale 1900-1944” [Saint-Exupéry, The Complete Collection 1900-1944]. Story: Pierre-Rolland Saint-Dizier. Artwork: Cédric Fernandez. Éditions Glénat. ISBN: 9782344052136.