Innovative industrial solutions

The nEUROn is the first large-size stealth European unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator designed in Europe.

Building on the experience gained from recent projects, for the first time in a military project, the nEUROn is designed and developed within the frame of a completely integrated “Product Lifecycle Management” (PLM) environment, through a “virtual plateau”, allowing Dassault Aviation and its partners, located in the different countries, to simultaneously work together on the same design data base, independently from the location where the design activities are currently performed.

All the teams involved from the very beginning of the programme know them each other very well, thanks to the development tasks jointly performed in the design office implemented inside the Dassault Aviation facilities of St-Cloud, as well as with the daily use of distant collaborative tools provided with the “virtual plateau”.
Today, the same teams still work together close to the aircraft, or on the “global integration tests rig”.

This specific and innovative organisation allows to achieve a perfect tempo to rapidly solve any technical events occurring during the development phase of the programme.