Civil Bloch aircraft

MB 220 Saintonge, Air France, on the ground.
MB 110 in flight

MB 110

Powered by a single 300hp Gnome & Rhône 7 Kb engine, the MB 110 was a three-seat colonial aircraft that made its first flight at Villacoublay on 15 June 1933, with Zacharie Heu at the controls.

MB 120 in flight

MB 120

The prototype of the MB 120, the modified MB 71, made its first flight at Villacoublay on 24 or 30 October 1932, with Zacharie Heu at the controls.

MB 161 on the ground

MB 160-161

The prototype four-engined MB 160 was a direct extrapolation of the twin-engined MB 220. On 18th June 1937, André Curvale performed its maiden flight.

MB 220 on the ground

MB 220-221

The MB 220, which was a civil extrapolation of the MB 210 bomber, made its maiden flight on 11 June 1936 at Villacoublay with André Curvale at the controls.

MB 300 on the ground - 1

MB 300

The first flight of the MB 300 (affectionately known as “Big Julie”) took place on 15 or 16 November 1935, flown by André Curvale and Jean Lapeyre.

MB 61 on the ground

MB 60-61

With its three 120hp Salmson 9 Ac engines, the MB 60 could carry a crew of three, and made its first flight on 12 September 1930, with René Delmotte.

MB 70 on the ground

MB 70-71

Powered by three 300hp Lorraine 9 Na “Algol” engines, the prototype flew in April 1932, with Zacharie Heu at the controls.

MB 800 on the ground

MB 800

The history of the Bloch MD 800s is probably the most complicated of any Bloch aircraft. It appears that three aircraft were given this designation.

MB 90 on the ground

MB 90-93

The MB 90 is a tandem two-seater, featuring a high wing of metallic construction and a steel-tube fuselage, both canvas-covered. It made its maiden flight in June 1932.

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