Ethics and compliance

Dassault formation flight. nEUROn, Rafale and Falcon 8X.

In the context of a global economy and intense competition, Dassault Aviation relies on strong values, a confirmed reputation and a strict code of ethics to reach the goals it has set.

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With the economy becoming globalized and international competition fiercer than ever, we reaffirm our culture built on a strong identity and strict principles.

Éric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation

Ethical Charter

The Ethical Charter aims to rally the men and women in our Group around these values and is intended to inspire their actions and convey Dassault Aviation’s image to our customers, partners and suppliers.

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Fair Practices

Dassault Aviation carries out its business in compliance with the national laws and international conventions in force in the countries in which it operates.

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Global Compact

As a responsible corporate citizen, Dassault Aviation has integrated the social, human, economic and environmental dimensions of its operations into relations with partners and staff, and strives for constant improvements and sustainable business growth.

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Common Industry Standards

Out of concern for good governance, ethics and fair competition in international trade, Dassault Aviation instigated the creation of a committee, within the ASD (Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe), which is in charge of developing ethical standards for acceptance and adoption by all European companies in the sector.

IFBEC (international Forum of Business Ethical Conduct)


Dassault Aviation joined the IFBEC (international Forum of Business Ethical Conduct) in July 2012.

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