The DassaultAir3D augmented reality app allows you to view a selection of Dassault Aviation planes in 3D and also lets you sit in the pilot’s seat of a Rafale. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

On this page you can find all the images to download and print on an A4 sheet of paper. Once your selection is printed, launch the DassaultAir3D application, choose “Virtual Aircraft” in the main menu, and use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan one of the printed images.

Rafale C - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Rafale C application/zip
Alpha Jet - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Alpha Jet application/zip
Falcon 7X - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Falcon 7X application/zip
Falcon 8X - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Falcon 8X application/zip
Mirage F-1C - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Mirage F-1C application/zip
Rafale B - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Rafale B application/zip
Rafale M - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Rafale M application/zip
Flamant - “DassaultAir3D” Augmented Reality
Flamant application/zip