The Dassault Aviation Logo

Discover the history of the creation of the Dassault Aviation logo.

On June 19, 1990, the Board changed the name from Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation to Dassault Aviation.

This change brought the possibility for each sister company or subsidiary to add Dassault to its name, along with another term to represent its specialty, thus making it immediately identifiable as a member of the Dassault Industries Group.

Chosen through an in-house competition held in September 1988, it depicts:

  • The Corporation’s impetus towards the future;
  • The aerodynamic ‘delta’ shape, ‘delta’ also signifying, in radio code, the letter D (for Dassault);
  • The four-leaf clover, founder Marcel Dassault’s talisman, as luck factor;
  • The delta-shape opens out, symbolizing receptivity to new ideas and cooperation.

The four-leaf clover is now part of the logos for most companies in the Dassault Aviation Group.

Marcel Dassault didn’t believe in good luck charms but he did believe in providence. During his summer vacation in 1939, just before the war, he was walking in a field and discovered a four-leaf clover which he put in his wallet.

On his arrival at Buchenwald, he had to give up his baggage, clothes and everything else he possessed. But about three month after his return to Paris, he received a letter one day from the Minister of War Veterans and Former Deportees, asking him to come pick up some of his belongings. To his great surprise, he was given back his watch, fountain pen and wallet … and inside his wallet was his four-leaf clover.

Finding a four-leaf clover in Paris which he had been forced to leave in Buchenwald was, to say the least, a favorable sign. And that’s why he said that his four-leaf clover deserved to be called a talisman.