Falcon 6X

The Falcon 6X will set a new standard for widebody comfort, with the tallest and widest cabin in business aviation. Measuring six feet, six inches in height and eight feet, six inches in width, the 6X will be the first ultra-widebody purpose-built business jet in the industry.

With an intercontinental range of 5,500 nm, the aircraft will fly from London to Hong Kong or Los Angeles to Moscow nonstop. And it will feature an advanced version of the pioneering digital flight control system first introduced on the Falcon 7X and further refined on the Falcon 8X.

Dassault’s revolutionary FalconEye combined vision system will be standard on the 6X, providing enhanced safety and situational awareness on approaches in darkness or poor weather. The 6X will also be the first Falcon equipped with the FalconScan advanced diagnostics system, which monitors and reports on 100,000 maintenance parameters. And as with all Falcons, it will offer superior operating flexibility, thanks to its unparalleled performance on steep approaches to short runways.

The aircraft is powered by new-generation Pratt & Whitney PW812D engines, which in addition to outstanding flight safety and performance will provide double digit improvements in fuel efficiency and carbon emissions.


External dimensions

Wing Span 85 ft 1 in / 25.94 m
Length 84 ft 3 in / 25.68 m
Height 24 ft 6 in / 7.47 m


Max. Takeoff Weight 77,460 lb / 35,135 kg
Max. Landing Weight 66,190 lb / 30,025 kg
Max Zero-Fuel Weight 45,920 lb / 20,830 kg
Max. Fuel Weight 33,790 lb / 15,325 kg

Engines & avionics

Type 2 Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW812D - Max Thrust (20°C flat rated): 13,000-14,000 lbs
Cockpit 3rd Generation of EASy Flight Deck (with Honeywell Primus Epic System)

Cabin dimensions

Cabin Height 78 in / 1.98 m
Cabin Width 102 in / 2.58 m
Cabin Length (excluding flight deck and baggage) 40 ft 4 in / 12.30 m
Cabin Volume (excluding flight deck and baggage) 1,845 ft3 / 52.2 m3
Baggage Volume 155 ft3 / 4.4 m3


Range (8 pax, 3 crew, NBAA IFR reserves) 5,500 nm / 10,186 km at Mach .80 - 5,100 nm / 9,445 km at Mach .85
MMO (Maximum Mach Operating speed) Mach .90
Landing Distance (SL) 2,480 ft / 760 m
Maximum Certified Altitude 51,000 ft / 15,545 m
Balanced Field Length (MTOW; SL; ISA) 5,480 ft / 1,670 m
Approach Speed, Vref (8 pax / 3 Crew, NBAA IFR Reserves) 109 kias / 202 km/h