The Family of Special-Mission Falcons

The Falcon family of business jets has enjoyed sixty years of success. Over 2,700 Falcons have been delivered in more than 90 countries, clocking up over 20 million flight hours.

In addition to its impressive flying qualities, combined with exceptional comfort, the name “Falcon” is synonymous with reliability and efficiency.

Falcons are not just used to carry passengers. When they are equipped with specific systems, their performance, flexibility and robustness allow them to cover a wide range of military and public service missions.

The Falcon’s wide fuselage offers numerous layout possibilities, which is highly convenient for the multi-mission Falcon programs. Each airplane can therefore accommodate equipment and systems tailored to specific roles: maritime surveillance and reconnaissance, aerial photography, weapon systems training, electronic warfare, target towing, calibration, cargo transportation, high technology test bed, medical evacuation, etc.

Nearly 10% of Falcon aircraft in service are used by military, government or health organizations. Whether in civil or military missions, these airplanes provide their users with excellent efficiency, reliability, and maintainability.

On December 30, 2019, the French defense procurement agency (DGA) awarded the contract for the Archange strategic airborne intelligence program. It will comprise three Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X jets equipped with a universal electronic warfare capability (CUGE) developed by Thales. The order for the first two aircraft has been received. The level of performance expected of the Falcon Archange requires highly advanced integration work, which is at the heart of Dassault Aviation and Thales’s expertise.

In January 2023, the DGA assigned Dassault Aviation an architecture study, based on the Falcon 10X, for the Maritime Patrol of the future (successor to the ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft).

To meet changing needs in terms of offshore maritime missions, as well as coastal and border surveillance, Dassault Aviation has developed aircraft versions based on the Falcon 2000.