Products and services

In the initial offers, Dassault Aviation offers a complete and personalized support system as well as a range of products and services designed for:

  • management of operations,
  • training pilots,
  • training mechanics,
  • implementation,
  • maintenance and upkeep of aircraft.

For aircraft in operational use, Dassault Aviation proposes:

  • A specific organizational structure in tune with users to guide them during the operational life of their aircraft (35 to 40 years).
  • Constantly innovated combined technical and logistics services, designed to improve aircraft availability, reduce the cost of use and increase the efficiency of crew and mechanics. For example, Opéra mission preparation system, calculations to forecast customer needs for spare parts and revisions and spare parts inventory management.
  • A military support portal provides customers direct access to technical and logistics products and services, an e-commerce tool, contract management and feedback management in the document library.

These support services can be offered as part of fixed-price contracts that guarantee customers equipment availability rates, or equipment provision rates, in which case Dassault Aviation takes charge of inventory management. Funding is directly linked to the air activity of the fleet and can be done through an FBH (Fly By The Hour) approach.