The nEUROn programme was launched in 2003.

The main contract was notified to the prime contractor in 2006, the industrial partnership contracts were signed concurrently.

The first flight of the technological demonstrator was completed on December 1, 2012, in Istres (France).

Demonstration flights

The following scenarios were validated through the demonstration flights:

– insertion in the test range airspace,

– air-to-ground subsonic mission,

– detection, localisation and autonomous reconnaissance of ground targets without being detected (“to see without being seen”).

The trial campaign will conclude with:

– an air-to-surface weapon release from an internal bay.

Programme status

By mid-2015, low-observability and electro-optical performance had both been demonstrated in Istres and in Sardinia. The next campaign, in Sweden, is currently being prepared.

nEUROn xhaust nozzle installation inside the rear fuselage