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Press kits

Date   2017
2017/01/05 Dassault Aviation Logo

Order intake, deliveries and backlog in units as of December 31st, 2016

36 Rafale Export were ordered in 2016 following the execution and the coming into force of the contract with India, compared to 48 ordered in 2015 (Egypt 24 and Qatar 24).

2017/01/05 Pilot

Babcock France and Dassault Aviation to team up for French FOMEDEC training contract

Babcock France and Dassault Aviation have signed a partnership which would initially materialize in the delivery of the French “FOMEDEC” training contract with the creation of a joint company under the leadership of Babcock France.

2017/01/03 Dassault Aviation Logo

Dassault Aviation reduces its share capital by 9.6%

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of Dassault Aviation to allocate to cancellation 871,753 shares among those bought from Airbus Group on March 25th 2015 and June 10th 2016, Dassault Aviation cancelled those shares on December 23rd 2016, after the legal delay of two years following the previous capital reduction.