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Falcon 5X

001 Falcon5X 2013DVD43 200 Falcon 5X

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Unveiled at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2013, the Falcon 5X will feature the largest cabin cross section and the most advanced flight controls in the industry, derived from the pioneering digital flight control system designed for the 7X. The Falcon 5X offers a range of 5,200 nm/9,630 km, it is equipped with a new ultra-efficient wing and a brand new Snecma Silvercrest engine offering 15% better fuel efficiency than any other powerplant in its thrust class. Other new features include a redesigned cockpit equipped with the third generation of Dassault’s award winning EASy flight deck and state of the art aircraft and engine health monitoring systems. The Falcon 5X made its rollout on June 2nd, 2015 and the aircraft’s maiden flight is anticipated this summer.

Distance franchissable à Mach 0,80 (avec 8 passagers, 3 membres d’équipage, réserves NBAA IFR, ISA, plein carburant) 5200 nm / 9630 km
Mach Maxi Opérationnel (MMO) Mach 0,90
Plafond certifié 51 000 ft / 15 545 m
Distance de décollage
5250 ft / 1600 m
Vitesse d’approche (Vref) (Masse type à l’atterrissage au niveau de la mer) 105 kias / 194 km/h
Masse maxi. au décollage 69 600 lb 31 570 kg
Masse maxi. à l’atterrissage 66 100 lb 29 980 kg
Masse maxi. sans carburant 43 500 lb 19 730 kg
Capacité maxi. de carburant 28 200 lb 12 790 kg
2 Silvercrest Safran-Snecma – 11 450 lb / 50.93 kN (Poussée maxi. au niveau de la mer, ISA+15°C, SL)
Cockpit EASy 3e génération (avec suite Honeywell Primus Epic)
Hauteur 24 ft 6 in 7,5 m Longueur 38 ft 7 in 11,79 m
Longueur hors-tout 82 ft 7 in 25,17 m Hauteur 78 in 1,98 m
Envergure 85 ft 1 in 25,94 m Largeur 102 in 2,58 m
Volume 1770 ft3 50 m3
Volume d’emport de bagages 155 ft3 4,4 m3