Fitted with a fully-fledged advanced mission suite, the Falcon 900 MPA “Maritime Patrol Aircraft” is able to detect all kinds of threats and react with the appropriate response. Like the Falcon 2000 MRA, it offers outstanding operational flexibility as well as excellent performance.

As for the Falcon 2000 MRA, the concept of the Falcon 900 MPA builds up directly on lessons learnt from:

  • The long-range maritime patrol aircraft “Atlantic” / “Atlantique” family delivered to five different navies and air forces.
  • The Falcon family aircraft modified for maritime surveillance and operated by the French Navy and by several foreign Coast Guards.

It is a unique concept of high performance, low cost and low risk development, long-range maritime patrol aircraft.

Derived from the Falcon 900 DX business jet, the Falcon 900 MPA is perfectly sized for maritime patrol missions. It is persistent, capable and safe. From the onset of the project, the state-of-the-art mission system and the sensors suite, as well as the platform have been developed with the necessary growth potential provisions, in order to meet new requirements that could arise during the long life of the aircraft.

Falcon 900 MPA
Falcon 900 MPA