Book “Dassault Experimental Prototypes, 1960-1988”

ETAI Editions is publishing "Prototypes expérimentaux Dassault, 1960-1988", a new reference book in their military aviation collection.

ETAI Editions is publishing Prototypes expérimentaux Dassault, 1960-1988 [Dassault Experimental Prototypes 1960-1988], a new reference book in their military aviation collection.

Considered to be a leading expert in Dassault military aircraft, the book’s author Hervé Beaumont has written a number of reference books on all of the French aviation manufacturer’s aircraft.

This latest book includes a large number of previously unpublished photographs, drawings and documents of the period, and looks in detail at the experimental prototypes produced at Dassault plants between 1960 and 1988, a period he knows very well.

True to form, the author pays great attention to detail, analyzing the geopolitical context of these three decades and tracing the complete history of these different experimental military programs, from the definition of technical requirements to the final tests. The author is passionate about giving these aircraft their rightful place in the history of developments in aviation, focusing in particular on vertical take-off and landing flights, wings of varying geometry, movable airfoils and other major innovations.

Number of pages 224, Author Hervé BEAUMONT, EAN 13 9791028302955, Editor ETAI ALBUMS.