Book: “La dissuasion nucléaire française en action, Dictionnaire d’un récit national”

Philippe Wodka-Gallien explores the history of French nuclear deterrence, from 1945 to the hypotheses of future developments.

In his latest book, Philippe Wodka-Gallien, a member of the French Institute for Strategic Analysis, explores the history of French nuclear deterrence, from the very premise of nuclear deterrence, that the author traces back to 1945 under the leadership of General de Gaulle, to the hypotheses of future developments (FCAS, ASN4G, etc.).

With a thematic structure like that of a dictionary, rather than a classic chronological story, Philippe Wodka-Gallien provides the reader with a multitude of insights into all the players who created the epic tale of the French military nuclear program, spanning back over more than 60 years.

The book is a historically precise and comprehensive account but it also reflects contemporary developments in French nuclear deterrence. Through 200 richly illustrated entries, the author details the actions of each organization and explains how each military or scientific body works, making this book an excellent introduction to the French nuclear program.