Fana de l’Aviation – special edition “Modern airplane collection”


The special issue of Fana Aviation number 13 brings you back to the story of the Jaguar through a 100 pages brief.

On May 1965, British and French Defense ministers signed a cooperative construction agreement on a Jaguar training combat and support aircraft which was a direct adaptation of the Br 121 initially chosen for the French program. On May 1965, Breguet received confirmation to manufacture the aircraft in cooperation with the British Aircraft Corporation.

The military general staffs of the two countries changed perspective several times. The Jaguar, first conceived as a combat training and tactical support aircraft ended up as a heavy tactical support aircraft, with a price-tag incommensurable with the original program specifications.

The special issue of Fana de l’Aviation number 13 invites you to come back on the history of this legendary aircraft present in all the theaters of operations since the 1970s. Told by the pilots, discover a brief of more than 100 pages in which are discussed missions, air combat and operations in Africa and the Gulf in 1991.

Fana de l'Aviation

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