“Piloter” Magazine Issue 78 Covers WAC2019

The November-December issue of “Piloter” Magazine features an article on the 2019 World Aerobatic Championships.

The November-December issue of “Piloter” Magazine features an article on the 2019 World Aerobatic Championships.

On August 31, 2019, the 30th winner of the World Aerobatic Championships was declared in Châteauroux. On board the Extra 330 SC, Aude Lemordant breathed new life into the discipline, by moving France into first place in the overall rankings. With three world titles to her name, she became the most successful French woman in the history of this sport.

A difficult victory: Aude Lemordant continues to write the history of aerobatics

This championship left many spectators with bated breath. With 7 titles to her name, the legendary Russian aerobatics pilot, Svetlana Kapanina, appeared to be the favorite. However, an error in the first figure during the final round earned her a score of zero, opening the door for Aude Lemordant who took advantage of this opportunity to make a strategic move:

“I am very pleased to hold on to the title of World Champion for the next two years, and to share the podium with Louis Vanel, who is an excellent pilot and a truly outstanding person. Every competition is different, and each time you take the chance of winning or losing. We’re really competing against ourselves. This year, there were some spectacular face-offs, it was difficult for the women and the competition was very tight for the men. The coach, Patrick Paris, has considerable experience and was able to encourage every pilot throughout the championship to overcome the various obstacles.”

Men’s team: Louis Vanel on the first step of the podium

Louis Vanel, the youngest pilot in these World Championships, won his first title at the age of 29. At the end of the four hard-fought rounds, he moved ahead of Alexander Orlowski, who took second place, by a margin of just 63 points out of a possible 15,893. An unexpected outcome that made France victorious, becoming a team world champion:

“There is a great atmosphere within the French Team and thanks to Mika and Thomas Libaud, we can help each other since we share the same plane. The French Team’s strength lies in its excellent level, which, as history shows, is enhanced by the experience of each and every one as they strive to hold on to their title,” said Louis Vanel, who recently won a title.

Two high-flying performances, which strengthen France’s position as the flagship nation of aerobatics. Congratulations to Aude, Louis and the entire French team for this new grand slam victory!