Special issue of Air&Cosmos on “Super Mystère B2”

For its 4th issue in its “French fighter planes” series, Air&Cosmos has published a special issue devoted to the fighter-bomber, Super-Mystère B2.

The Super-Mystère B2 (SMB2) is “the culmination of the Mystère planes from which it draws its design inspiration”, according to the authors of this special issue. It was a development of the Super Mystère B1 but equipped with the Snecma Atar 101 G turbojet preferred by the French Air Force.

In this special issue, Air&Cosmos shines the spotlight on the life of this “ambitious, high-performance fighter jet”, the first supersonic aircraft with an afterburner in Europe.

This comprehensive and richly illustrated special issue features a study of the prototypes, a story dedicated to the pilot Gérard Muselli who was at the controls of the aircraft for its maiden flight in 1956, a detailed description of the ATAR 100G turbojet and numerous technical drawings. The authors also give an account of the operational life of the SMB2, first in the French Air Force, and then its exports, including stories and memories about this aircraft which was withdrawn from service in France in 1977.