Pyrotechnics activities

General information

Taking advantage of the experience acquired with military aircraft, Dassault Aviation has developed, for more than fifty years, ITAR free pyrotechnic devices for applications in space field.

Aircraft pyrotechnics

Dassault Aviation has used its pyrotechnics expertise to ensure crew safety. Using dedicated components, the company develops ejection seat ignition systems, interseat sequencing systems for twin-seat airplanes, and canopy break-away and cutting systems.

Launcher pyrotechnics

Building on the high quality of its military aircraft hardware, Dassault Aviation has developed components and equipment specifically for Ariane and Vega European launchers, and for the payload fairing of one version of Atlas V.

Satellite pyrotechnics

From the same pyrotechnic hardware developed for launchers, Dassault Aviation has been proposing its ITAR free pyrotechnics for satellites and space probes. These devices perform a great number of functions such as: deployment of solar panels and antennas, apogee motor ignition, and unlocking of mechanisms.

ESA Rosetta Mission

On November 2014, after ten years of a 6.5 billion kilometer space travel, Philae lander separated from Rosetta probe in the vicinity of “Chury” comet.