General information

Taking advantage of the experience acquired with military aircraft, Dassault Aviation has developed, for more than fifty years, ITAR free pyrotechnic devices for applications in space field.

Pyrotechnic equipment or systems designed, manufactured and tested by the Company are regularly used on Ariane and Vega European launchers, for satellites and even for non-European launchers.

The Company also develops high products to answer to specific needs for ESA and French space agency (CNES), such as the cutter which took part in separation of Cassini-Huygens probe’s shield or the one securing the separation system between Rosetta probe and Philae lander.


In strict compliance with ESA and CNES specifications, the Design Office develops new equipment in order to reduce shocks, to be consistent with new environmental rules or with new requirements for integrated digital architectures.

In order to reach the requested high reliability level, powerful conception means and efficient simulation tools are used.

Preparing for the future, the Company develops elements (architecture, sub-systems, equipment) based on hybrid technologies (Digital Pyrotechnics such as IFI), generating reduced shocks and having an increased lifetime.

Test means

Test laboratory carries out experiments on new concepts and qualify them with respect to operational environment for launchers and satellites. Acceptance tests are also performed in the same facilities at the end of the manufacturing process.

Efficient equipment, such as ovens, vacuum caisson and vibrator are used. Dassault Aviation is able to realize shock tests not only for its own needs, but also for customers.

Manufacturing and hallmark

In its plants, the Unité de Fabrication Pyrotechnique (UFP) manufactures initiators as well as various pyrotechnical devices such as delays, valves or stage and payload fairing separation systems.

Non-destructive controls throughout the manufacturing process and final acceptance tests are performance under Quality / Control team’s responsibility.