The European standard initiator 1TAPWH40 is a medium-power electropyrotechnical initiator.

A range of 1A/1W/5mn NF initiators is available according to:

  • the desired pyrotechnical effect: a flame (igniter), a pressure wave (squib) or a shock wave (detonator),
  • the requested technical performance (mechanical interface being standard).

Initiator Type Weight Operating temperatures ONU Number Remark
1TAPWH40 Initiator 14 g -160°C < T < + 150°C * 0454 European Standard Initiator (ESI)
1EPWH40-110 Squib 12 g -160°C < T < + 100°C 0323
1EPWH160AW Squib 12 g -160°C < T < + 100°C 0323 Equivalent to NASA Standard Initiator (NSI)
1DPWH30 Detonator 14 g -90°C < T < + 100°C 0366
1DPWH100A Detonator 15 g -90°C < T < + 100°C 0366

* Utilisation in specific conditions

Simplified versions dedicated to ground tests are available.

These data are given for information only. The visitor shall apply to Dassault Aviation to make sure that the application domain of the information disseminated on this site is valid.

Main characteristics:

Title Value
Functioning time: < 5ms
Reliability, confidence level: 1-1.10-6 at 95%
Leakage rate: 10-6 atm.cm3/s
Nominal firing current: 5A / 10 ms or 4.1 / 15 ms
Maximum test current: < 10 mA
Lifetime: 7 years
Shipping: 1.4S class