Multi ways relay

Multi ways relay is designed to deliver and transmit the detonation coming from a 8LTSH transmission line to the other ones (up to nine) connected to the relay.

It remains hermetic after use. (Unused ways are equipped with hermetic caps)

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3RMVH10 multi ways relay’s main characteristics:

Title Value
Weight: 356 g, without hermetic caps
Dimensions: Width: 82 mm – Depth: 48 mm – Height: 56 mm
Functioning time: < 40 ms
Reliability, confidence level: > 1-1.10-5 at 90%
Leakage rate: 1.10-3 atm.cm3/s under 1 bar helium
Operating temperatures: -70°C < T < +110°C
Lifetime: 7 years
Shipping: 1.4S class
ONU number: 0384