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Teaching of a trainee on the post machinist-rectifier. Working Paper: follower sheet.

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Work placements: the foundations of your career plan

Your career plan should be built on your theoric training and all the additional experience which will make you progress.

Thus, your choice of work placements is of utmost importance: the tasks or studies you may be asked to do can be an opportunity to experience and validate the theoretical skills you would like to use later.

A placement can also help you to identify the professional environments (values, working methods, etc.) that best suit your personality and will enable you to naturally fulfill your potential.

Thus, our placement policy includes the principle of striking a balance between your aims and our best interests.

Placements and figures

Every year, Dassault Aviation offers students:

  • about 500 placements in all of the company’s activities (Engineering departments, Flight tests, Support, Purchases, I.T., etc.)
  • placements for students preparing a vocational training qualification and under graduates studying in top schools, or university.
  • missions relating to real needs both in terms of content and results.

Dassault Aviation prefers to offer placements lasting 3 to 6 months rather than annual long-term placements.