As a real tool of our Academic Relations policy, our partnership actions take several forms.

Taking part in defining or changing training courses and in running them

Our active presence within different governing bodies or organisations (Gifas, UIMM, Lycées des métiers, Universities and Enterprises, Comité National pour le Développement des Grandes Ecoles, etc.) is a way of helping to shape and change qualifications, training courses or conventional and work-based programmes.

About 150 technicians and engineers from Dassault Aviation bring their experience through lectures and tutorials, case studies, and by taking part in admission and exam boards, etc.

Financing through apprenticeship tax

Our company makes a financial contribution to setting up the means to support courses that are similar to the ones we use in our company today.

Organising visits and conferences at the sites

We receive students and/or teachers at our design, production and flight test sites, to raise their awareness of our technologies and business lines. We also run conferences in education institutions about our products, business lines, challenges, etc.

Corporate sponsorship of activities conducted by student associations

The benefits of student involvement in clubs and associations are real in terms of learning. They complete the academic training by helping to develop their life skills and teaching them other know-how. Their involvement makes it easier for them to adjust to life in a company and to the responsibilities they may soon have.

Dassault Aviation is willing to support associations that present projects having these qualities, especially if they relate to aeronautics.