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A futurefacing enterprise

Dassault Aviation’s strength is anchored in our unique development model and the long-standing loyalty of our customers. Dassault’s long-term viability reflects our ability to imagine the future and adapt to emerging challenges.

Dassault Aviation, Mérignac facility, France. Falcon 7X & Rafale C.

Dassault Aviation, Mérignac facility, France. Falcon 7X & Rafale C. © Dassault Aviation – P. Stroppa

Consolidating the success of a singular development model

Our design department develops outstanding technological solutions that are subsequently applied to both business and military aircraft –  a development model that is in fact unique in our industry and the source of our strength.

For example, our integrated approach with seamless digital technology and ground tests of the Falcon 5X are inspired by our experience with the Rafale. The volume production of a large number of civil aircraft facilitates industrial developments, while our defense business keeps us at the cutting edge of technology and anchors our position within the select club of the world’s top-tier aircraft manufacturers.

Developing our capabilities to keep customers satisfied

We have expanded our range of business jets with two new Falcons that address market requirements, especially for emerging markets.

The Rafale’s omnirole nature has really come into its own at a time when countries face multifaceted threats and shrinking budgets. This new-generation fighter has largely proven its performance and robustness in combat. Feedback from users enables us to continually upgrade the aircraft to address emerging requirements in the field.

The Rafale’s export career kicked off in 2015. To meet the imperatives facing the Egyptian armed forces, we rose to the challenge of delivering their first three Rafales in record time. Along with the aircraft, we are also providing flight and ground crew training programs, as well as all spare parts needed.

Looking further ahead, we remain at the cutting edge of R&D for the nEUROn and other drones to meet the emerging requirements of armed forces in France and throughout Europe.

We also continue to work closely with users to design tailored maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions. In 2015, for instance, we launched two new services, Falcon Response and Mirage Care, which have been warmly welcomed by our customers.

A production system for the long haul

Dassault Aviation is part of the French industrial fabric that has been gradually developed over the years, adding invaluable knowledge, working methods and state-of-the-art procedures which must be preserved. This skills base is synonymous with technological independence, and very few countries are part of this select club. Our expertise is also synonymous with employment: the production of just one Rafale per month mobilizes some 7,000 persons in the 500 contributing companies. As the customer in this context, Dassault Aviation knows that it harbors a particular responsibility and seeks to support its partners, either directly, or through broader actions such as the aerospace industry association Gifas, the SME Pact, etc.

New investors

Airbus Group sold a significant part of its Dassault Aviation shares in 2015. We purchased some of our own shares to consolidate our founding shareholder, Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault (GIMD), and guarantee our stability and independence.

This move also paved the way for new investors to acquire Dassault Aviation shares, increasing the float (publicly traded shares) and clearly indicating investors’ trust and interest in our company.