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Agile production

Our production model combines the power of digital technology, the excellence of our people, and a highly efficient organization to address real market requirements.

Dassault Falcon Jet, Little Rock facility. View of the 3D model of aircraft paint scheme and the video projection of paint scheme on aircraft.

Dassault Falcon Jet, Little Rock facility. View of the 3D model of aircraft paint scheme and the video projection of paint scheme on aircraft. © Dassault Aviation – S. Randé

Maximizing industrial flexibility: the digital factory

We have established the “digital factory” concept, an agile industrial model that improves product quality and boosts competitiveness. By ensuring the comfort and efficiency of operators, it fosters data continuity between different trades and supports innovative solutions to reduce cycles. We are gradually deploying an unbroken digital chain between all of our operations, from design and purchasing, to production, support and customer relations. All data is grouped in a single database, set up as soon as a program gets under way.

A digital factory makes it possible to gradually integrate disruptive technologies in all sectors. For example, a new manufacturing process is simulated before being used. That allows us to integrate any modifications that prove necessary, for example at the Immersive Reality Center, a facility that tests and optimizes processes right from the aircraft design and production engineering phases. Another example is using augmented reality to project assembly information on aircraft parts. Likewise, our continuous inspection process uses 3D technology to validate the assembly. In our workshops, skilled trade workers and management staff alike use a digital dashboard to visually and jointly manage, in real time, all production operations.

The digital factory’s performance depends on our people’s skills and expertise. This entails a production organization that relies on both collective intelligence and individual experience, to enhance responsiveness. Each person acts as a change agent to continually improve working conditions. This approach was extended to all of our facilities in 2015.

Design right, design fast

A pioneer digital enterprise, we also teamed up with Dassault Systèmes to create Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a method that reduces production costs and cycles by using digital models of the aircraft instead of traditional physical models. Version 6 of the PLM software now integrates all aircraft systems, and helps coordinate all developments, while ensuring overall consistency

The Atlantique 2 modernization program and the new Falcon 5X were both designed using the latest PLM version. All work on the plane’s electrical systems, for instance, can be done on a single platform that includes configuration management. New interactive tests have been developed to ensure compliance with requirements, production feasibility and installation in the aircraft without compromising performance.