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With fuel prices steadily rising and given the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, Dassault Aviation is taking part in the European Alfa-BIRD project together with the main players working on alternative fuels for use instead of or in conjunction with conventional jet fuel.

Use of biofuels and synthetic fuels is a major challenge, given the conditions of use and the severe restrictions involved.

The general aim of Alfa-BIRD is the technical development and economic assessment of these alternative fuels. It covers a number of areas, including:

  • Study of possible alternative fuels for use in aviation;
  • Chemical analysis of the “best” fuel;
  • Improved formulation of biofuels;
  • New injection systems;
  • Modeling of injection and combustion;
  • Compatibility with aircraft fuel systems;
  • Production of new fuels.

The participants in this program represent all disciplines. A dozen research organizations are involved alongside producers of fuels (Shell, Sasol), engines (Snecma, Rolls-Royce) and aircraft (Airbus, Avio Spa).

Dassault Aviation takes part as aircraft manufacturer representing the business aircraft segment and focuses particularly on “compatibility with aircraft fuel systems”.