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Falcon support services

Innovation and service quality, the engines driving Falcon support services.
We design and deploy solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Falcon customer service. Falcon Response.

Falcon customer service. Falcon Response. © Dassault Aviation – Paper&Plane

Falcon Response: comprehensive support services

Falcon Response is a new service concept that dispatches whatever assistance is needed immediately, to ensure that passengers arrive in timely fashion.

It comprises two Falcon 900 jets, one based in Teterboro, New Jersey in the United States and the other in Paris, France. They are dedicated to carrying the people and parts needed to quickly get grounded Falcons back in the air as quickly as possible, while also giving our customers an alternative transport solution.

The overall system calls on three complementary support entities: Falcon Command Center, which dispatches and coordinates assistance 24 / 7; Falcon Spares, to provide the spare parts needed; and Falcon GoTeams, which are dispatched on site to resolve problems.

This is the only service of its kind in business aviation, and gives us a distinguishing asset for Falcon support.

Dassault Training Academy: complete user support

We provide continuous user support, from the delivery of their aircraft all the way through its service life. Dassault Aviation was the first business aircraft manufacturer to earn Part 147 approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its maintenance training.

Falcon training courses are now grouped at the Dassault Training Academy. We offer both aircraft and simulator-based training to Falcon mechanics, pilots, flight crews and owners. We naturally make use of 3D and other innovative technologies to provide the most realistic training environment possible.

Tailoring support to customer requirements

To extend our customer support to new markets, we opened two new spare parts distribution centers in 2015, in Lagos, Nigeria and in Louisville, Kentucky. We also certified three new service centers, in Beijing, Lagos and New Delhi. At the same time, with our fleet showing steady growth and larger models coming to market, we expanded our maintenance capacity by creating a new Dassault Falcon Service facility in the Bordeaux region of France, in Mérignac.

We also continued our annual Maintenance & Operations (M&O) seminars in different regions. Nine of these meetings in different locations worldwide in 2015 allowed hundreds of Falcon operators, both pilots and maintenance crews, to share feedback with specialists from Dassault Aviation.