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Military Support

At the service of today’s armed forces.
We support our customers throughout the service life of our aircraft. By integrating their operational feedback, we continuously improve our services.

Rafale B Egypt.

Rafale B Egypt. © Dassault Aviation – A. Pecchi

Local support for the long haul

Our technical experts are based in all countries where customers operate our aircraft.

They provide complete support services, from shop visits to periodic servicing. In 2015 we supported our armed forces customers in France, of course, but also in the United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt and Qatar. We also support local companies that work with our customers.

Tailored services

Dassault Aviation designs support solutions for our aircraft and establishes long-term relations with users so we can provide services tailored to their needs, including flight crew systems, maintenance and operational resources, simulators, MRO, spare parts, publications, etc.

In France, the Rafale Care contract has bolstered our commitment to providing spare parts to the specialized distribution units set up at air bases. We have also maintained our Mirage Care offering for an additional year, and the ATL2 Care contract is now being finalized.

Outside France, we are keeping pace with our customers’ expanding operations. For instance, we delivered all support services needed for the commissioning of the first Egyptian Rafales.

Pilot and mechanic training

New 3D training solutions, coupled with current simulation systems, teach technicians about maintenance procedures, while also perfecting their working methods. Pilots also enjoy these innovations for mission planning. This type of learning experience favors memorization and also ensures the long-term applicability of cumulated experience. The final phase of training is always on the airplane. Our training solutions are adapted to each student, and are applicable to all our aircraft types.

In conjunction with the French armed forces, we provide pilot and mechanic training for other armed forces. We delivered ab initio training for new flight and ground crews in 2015, as well as specialized training for several groups of pilots and mechanics who are now assigned to Egypt’s Rafales. We also handled the conversion of Indian pilots and ground crews to the modernized Mirage 2000s to be deployed by this country.