Technical websites

Check out these reference websites on aerospace technology selected by Dassault Aviation.

Institutional websites

DGAC – French Civil Aviation Authority [Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile]

SIA – Aeronautical Information Service [Service de l’Information Aéronautique]

Latest news from the armament world. Reference documents for the DGA – French Defense Procurement Agency [Direction générale de l’armement]

French Ministry of Defense
Presentation of the various delegations

French Air Force
French Air Force media library for science
Scientific information portal set up by American institutional agencies. Provides access to databases and a directory of over 2,000 websites covering all scientific disciplines.

DOD – DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center):
The DTIC collections contain over 4 million documents (technical reports, research papers, Congressional budget data, etc.).

Research Centers

Thematic, scientific and institutional publications, courses, presentations and conferences and some books, for download in PDF format

CNES: French Space Agency (“Space Information” heading)
CNES Photo Library

List of highly informative guides on several topics (aerodynamics, hypersonics, propulsion, etc.)
NASA reports

DLR electronic library German Aerospace Center [Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt],
Full-text documents

National Aerospace Laboratory

FOI (Swedish Defense Research Agency)
Full-text reports

ESA publications

Scientific research: RTRA STAE
The Advanced Thematic Research Network on Science and Technology for Aeronautics and Space [Réseau Thématique de Recherches Avancées Sciences et Technologies pour l’Aéronautique et l’Espace]
Thematic files

INRIA French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation [Institut National de recherche en Informatique et en Automatique]

Competitiveness Clusters

AEROSPACE VALLEY: Global competitiveness cluster for aeronautics, space and embedded systems

ASTECh: Competitiveness cluster in the Paris region

Systematic: Paris Region Digital Ecosystem

Colleges & Universities

HAL: Online Hyper Articles [Hyper Articles en Ligne]
Scientific research articles and theses from academic and research institutions in France and abroad and from public and private laboratories.

CEL: Online courses [Cours en ligne]

TEL: Doctoral theses [Thèses en ligne]

CCSD (Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe)

ECP Centrale Paris [Ecole Centrale de Paris]
A selection of publications from the School Laboratories and link to the HAL portal.

ESTACA engineering school
Bibliographic references

Ecole Polytechnique’s scientific publications portal
Central Library

ParisTech : École des Arts et Métiers

IPSA: Air and Space Engineering School [Ecole d’ingénieurs de l’Air et de l’Espace]

ISAE Aerospace Engineering School [Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace]
Online electronic resources. Thematic access.
ARTEMIS: ISAE thesis platform

EPF Engineering School

UPMC: Pierre et Marie Curie University Library

UTC: University of Technology of Compiègne Library

Cranfield University

Stanford University
Laboratory publications
University library


MOOC Platforms

FUN: France Digital University [France Université Numérique]



Learned Societies

AAAF Aeronautical & Astronautical Association of France

GIFAS   French aerospace industries association
A larger number of bibliographic references and press summaries
GIFAS Publications

ASD: UK Aerospace, Defense & Security Industries

Digital Library
over 2 million electronic documents

Royal Society of Aeronautics


Flight Global

Aero Contact
French aeronautics and space portal: news, files, job offers, job information sheets, etc.

Aerospace Technology
English website for information on the aerospace industry
List of companies according to what they produce. Aircraft information sheets. Latest aerospace news

Online aviation news

Enthusiasts’ Corner

Website for UAV enthusiasts

The French Air and Space Museum
Resource Center Portal

Avions Légendaires
Military aviation website, online since 1999