2021 General Meetings

General Meeting May 11, 2021

“Given the national context linked to covid 19, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation (hereinafter “the Company”), acting on the delegation of the Company’s Board of Directors held on March 4, 2021, has exceptionally decided to convene the General Meeting of May 11, 2021 behind closed doors, without the physical presence of the shareholders and of the persons entitled to participate, in order to guarantee the safety of the shareholders.

This decision was taken in accordance with the provisions of ordinance n° 2020-321 of March 25, 2020 extended and modified by ordinance n° 2020-1497 of December 2, 2020 and decree n° 2020-418 of April 10, 2020 extended and amended by decrees n° 2020-1614 of December 18, 2020 and n ° 2021-255 of March 9, 2021.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer informs the shareholders that no admission card will be issued and invites them to vote by the remote voting means made available to them (by post or on the Internet via the VOTACCESS secure voting platform) or to give proxy to the Chairman of the Meeting, in accordance with the procedures detailed in the convening notice.

The General Meeting will be broadcast live and recorded on the Company’s website at the following address: www.dassault-aviation.com, unless technical reasons make this retransmission impossible or seriously disrupt.

In this exceptional context, shareholders are advised that the terms and conditions relating to the holding and participation in the General Meeting of Dassault Aviation of May 11, 2021 are likely to be modified depending on the evolution of the health and / or regulatory situation.

Shareholders are encouraged to regularly consult the section dedicated to the General Meeting on the Dassault Aviation website in the Finance section (accessible at the following address: www.dassault-aviation.com), which may be updated to specify the final terms of participation in the General Assembly based on legislative and / or health changes that occur after the publication of the convening notice.”

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